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by Dr. T. M. Lloyd, of Kings County ; Report of a Case of Dislocation

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colder climates, 6 grains of calomel often producing

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position and recomposition , during which the albuminate of iron is formed,

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tained particles of undigested food. The chief factor in the treat-

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Prognosis is very variable ; each case must be judged according to

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Gerlach" also admits fission, but he contends that it is not

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It is Greece which furnishes us with the most interesting

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rington, M. A., Toronto; Hart, D. C, Yorkton, Sask.; Harvey,

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scars from closed sinuses consequent upon abscesses. Excision was performed August 6th.

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virtuous. Several years ago the Shoshones had a custom

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obstruction from the secretion of hardened wax or other foreign body,

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that a positive result ahvays means that the syphilitic virus is

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tuck, in 23,000 cases, in Boston, from 5 to 30 deaths in a thousand.

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value of the reaction in syphilis. Regarding the constancy of the

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29. Holmberg L, Gustavii B, Jonsson A: A prenatal study of fetal platelet count

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rheumatism reappeared, then convulsive attacks which

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sarcoma. This transition occurs most frequently in intermuscular

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were run into the skin, without any appearance of rash, except an

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Its pathogenicity is slight or nil. Inasmuch as Sanfelice has found

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of little hair-like threads or cylinders, which are, in fact, very