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We also have to remember that in dentistry it is necessary
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examination of the |)el ic organs discovered the most
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Inflammation of the absorbents is usually confined to one
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oater sorfEtce of the brain and cord, following all its inequalities. It is
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On the 15th February, I was called to see Mrs. W , set.
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tion and mianagemjent and supervision of district schools, must
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In no department of medicine has such immense progress been
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which ordinarily may be performed with a considerable degree of
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two preceding my visit, it was discovered that the child's throat was filled
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172. Two Cases of Extraction of a Foreign Body from the Corpus Vitreum. Dr. R.
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not obtained by carron-oil. The princij)le I am anxious to insist on as far
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the congestive stage, free expectoration being rare. I
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radius were pathognomonic of just two lesions, — ^the former of
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coloured material. The differentiation between them was not
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previously fed on the blood of those sick with this disease. 3. An interval
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tient protested vehemently on account of pain) revealed a
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But we cannot explain from this table, why no case of
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a disease there is great difficulty in ascertaining the effect of treatment
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not the chief cause is shown by the fact that Europeans living
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ride for viscid and irritating secretion. Belladonna and
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soft palate, making the diagnosis extremely difficult, and spread to the
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October in perfect health, did not die from a7iy other cause than
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alkali reserve of the blood in the two groups shows a depletion. By
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