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through the alimentary canal. 'I'he temperature rose

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because of their frequency, partly because of the undoubted power which

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correspondent thinks that the most important subject to be

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sulted is stricture, actual or spasmodic. I believe that the oesopha-

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situated near to the Cathedral, was fast becoming a heap of

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Case 7. Hughes reports a case in which, after a compound fracture of the skull

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days. Six hours after the operation active uterine pains set in, with

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but have not yet been brought under the dominion of science —

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space between the lymphatic sheath and the adventitia

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the size of the liver and the onset or the degree of ascites; in most cases

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be seen in a specimen of scirrhus is very remarkable ; the

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ine is somewhat toxic; there is normally no glycerine in the urine.

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ounces. It is a clear, reddish-brown syrup, of thick

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Doubtless in the experience of others the grand mal may

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and a piominent member of the Apothecaries' Company. Partly on

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the frequency of the pulse; it disturbs, in various ways, the sensorial

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intellectual life, at least to some extent. If parents

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an "albumwwu8" transparent substance. The lesion so described

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cases, I believe, have recovered ; and in one twenty

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sore ; this lesion the consequence, not the cause. This will

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than either, absolute nonrecognition ; worse than that, malig-

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proof of the opinion of the contagious communicability of the disease. But in

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be controlled by antipyrin or phenacetin, or by the cold pack