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State, and found that in some localities no prosecu-
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las, that the Registrar be directed to erase the name of Dr. Sover-
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former reagents. In point of fact, it is almost as sensi-
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December S4^ 10 P. M.: Pulse, 100, weak; considerable edema around both ankle-
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cytoryctes occur in the epithelial cells. The result of their study of
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" If an antidote of much value exists, it has yet not been discovered ; of the
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which its great value demands from ns, and which will, I trusty
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positive Widal, and it is hence well to interrogate the patients in
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by this means, and a free perspiration and refreshing-
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may contain pepsin in ulcer, and the administration of orthoform (Hemmeter)
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Treatment. — It is probable that without treatment most of these cases
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much dilated. I frequently asked her if she knew me ; she would reply in the
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In 1854 * and 1862,! H. Lebert gave a careful analysis of sev-
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appeared. The patient made an uninterrupted recovery.
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Roy. Soc. Lond.. 1860-62, xi, 81-84. — Hickson ( S. J. )
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occupations, however, having interfered with this intention, and Dr.
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1 standard exercise will consist of placing right foot on a chair and then stepping up
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which intervene between the fits differ greatiy in different individuals.
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ation of a large number of cases of diseased and dis-
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ice-crayon is 110 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit). This crayon is now
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very effective in overcoming the acute and disabling symp-
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affected portions, however, are the rectum, the sigmoid flexure,
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parity in the number called by the respective sides.
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tricle, it is fair to suppose that if this fluid is excessive
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know, nor have I ever heard any authoritative statement in
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Cot " foul play," and she charged me directly with having given to
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sole under the shorter limb. But as the diagnosis was absent and the
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and station hospitals. Field hospitals assigned to the theater army
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direction may be relatively to the margin of, j^ j^^^ ^g^^ ^ ^^^^j^ ^^^^^ j^^^^^^.
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izing an excess of acid, although, of course, they have no effect in dimin-
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work has not been generally accepted, it gives promise that the
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fice attributed to the assumed gastric juice, would be formed by
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applied. Holmbh (Chicago) believed that Bacon has done
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posed by Dr. H. \V. Longyear, of Detroit, at the meet-
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When there is passive congestion of the lungs, there is ahvays present
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ill-health and improper drainage. It has been proved, however,
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neck of the femur, that it was healthy in appearance, but
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Where inflammation is supposed to exist about the neck of the
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former, in contradistinction to the xerosis will ferment dextrin. The
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Hospital his statue of Apollo; and the Trustees presented to
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this treatment the perineal opening gradually closed
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