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Jaccoud has reported a somewhat similar case, with icterus and hemorrhages

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arrived at, and an unsuccessful attempt had been made to re-

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lutions or (possibly) in the corpus striatum itself. And he set to work to

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operation owing to associated choledochitis and infection of the bile

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d. sc. 1728, Amst., 1732, M6m.. 408-424, 2 pi. Al.'io. transl:

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of irrigation does not enter into the consideration of the treatment of enteritis,

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deformities of tbe luimaii loot, witii tlieir treat-

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13. I. Fahrner, Geschkhte des Unaufldslichkeitsprinzips undder vollkommenen Scheidungder Ehe

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At the start of methyldopa therapy, it is desirable

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in 1869 a drain was choked up, and four days after exposure to

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finger, or any two fingers, so placed in juxta-position as to bring the

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" M. Ricord met with thi9 singular anomaly in two instance?.

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been employed to bring Physic to that degree of per-

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iiieiit, Jes propri^taires et les Jocataires. Snivis

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lated to be useful in emergencies. The most important

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very much worse, owing, no doubt, to the pressure of the

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the result was a very long course of treatment. It would have

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side, some difficulty in swallowing, and with grasp of left hand

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national Medical Congress at Philadelphia as follows: By the Medical Society

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the nervous system or spasm — whilst fixed and restrained movements

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paper ; ointment by being rabbed in and then left in a thick coat on the

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