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author of numerous papers on the parasitic nature of

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cell, whether of a carcinoma or sarcoma, is itself a parasite, and con-

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No. 9 writes : May 1 venture to trespass on your space to express the sen-

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die from it. Not imconmionly the vomiting is accompanied by ob-

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quire time to correct. Any diarrhea, for example, whatever its orig-

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must be attributed to lieredity from primpeval man, as, too,

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ticularly prone to occur after dribbling of urine from an overdistended

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of whose blood is interfered with by a diseased condition of its blood-

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term to inflammation of the mesh of connective tissue between the

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recognised in its constitution. The members residing in

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tion of leukocytes. It is also different from lymphosarcomatous tumors,

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519, ,805, 9ij7 : abstract of report of, 919 ; the re-

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wise the changes in them are not characteristic only of this disease.

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the beginning of expiration, and usually the expiration is of much lower

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In no case have I found any actual increase in the force of

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sician to the Bicetre Asylum, Paris, and an eminent authority

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evidence upon this head will be continued and will be utilised

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persons obviously unfit to be provided for on inadequate terms

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had not exceeded it, and local crews were easily followed to their

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opinion the most useful and pleasurable, form of canoe— the

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and for this purpose our only recourse is to hypodermic injections of

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London ; Dr. J. A. Fortich, Cartagena ; Mr. W. V. Furlong, Dublin ; A.

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I became too well acquainted with typhus fever when I was phys-

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officials, whether elected or not, have to administM existing

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The Council having again resumed, the foregoing resolutions

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mouth, but it may unexpectedly occur also in any one of the exanthe-

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Injury.) (Brunswick: Friedrieh Wieweg and Son. 1892.

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author maintains that, with the exception of paralytic

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A niunber of local remedies are recommended, but much the most

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who had a history of more than one attack, sore throat preceded the

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ceutical description or of directions for use may be stated

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cerebri for direct stimulation diminishes with the dose of the

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stomach disorders, which may be mistaken for an attack of gall-stones,

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unanimously on the motion of Mr. A. 11. B. Hallowes,

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and should be treated accordingly. The same may be said of brachial

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which, in the masculine neck, is occupied by hair. I account

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necessary, as sufficient density is not obtained by one plate

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preparing the silk. The kind of operation depended upon

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But the exact method of operation which I am advocating