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bladder, or of the prostate. Many cases of supposed vesical paralysis are

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fined to the hospital till all danger of infection was

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Cnl. Reprint from Jr. Amer. Med, Association, Sept. 5, 1896.


not occurred in sixty-one cases of various injuries,

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mate contact with lepers who have not developed the dis-

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Patient was quite well till the beginning of 1910, when she had her

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After an active life of forty years, he died in 1783, widely be-

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as a rule, to operate if over twelve hours have elapsed

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The true Lincoln type has experienced a modification in this country, owing to

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organic substances known as the " Monocarbon series." The

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knows several other Wishech growers who are similarly affected.

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associated muscular and mental weakness and depression, it would become

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that casts are most numerous, whereas in cases of granular kidney they are

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to the cause. The pus collection between the liver and the diaphragm,

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Lewis and Rivers therefore urge the administration of car-

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bluish colour. This fact is interesting, in connexion with

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keeping pace with the situation and conditions that demand such laws.

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graph shows that the cavity has been filled, apparently by bone, for it is impossible

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but from the lesions, the infection in those animals was

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aneurysm of the aorta is unmarked by symptoms, and the disease may

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