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acceptable to the secreting cells. It is clear that although this form

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tion, 468; 16th, appendicitis, 389; 17th, diabetes,

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is described and the earlier history of electro-therapeutics in

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officiate sufficiently for you, until I find out the same. But 1 know

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of 65). Costs are interrelated and tend to overlap.

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and therefore at first glance it would seem that the treatment of the

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year in and year out, is stultifying and wearisome. An

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nation that these showed none of the characteristic changes of rickets.

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by the iodine. In carefully waslied specimens, the sponge-like

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opinion of the witness which we get ? — an opinion which de-

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municipal sanatoria which we are seeking to establish, with the

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aneurism by pressure in four hours and a half. So you see this-

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feature of our modern era only. Books and libraries have always

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each day would equal the amount ingested. If, on the con-

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once responded and found that she was having bearing

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Fundus and internal eye muscles constantly normal. Syphi-

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A piece of ordinary baked gauze floats on water, while

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contacts so as not to conflict with activities of the

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you are satisfied that the truss is a perfect fit, and it has

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early age ; satyriasis has occurred in boys only three years old, and in

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and discharge almost entirely disappeared ; the edges of the lids

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tions, the immunity enjoyed by certain places, etc., could not be

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he was opposed to medicinal mixtures, and he introduced

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the prisoner Avas irresponsible for the act. It was proved, however, that the

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ignore it, for this reason, that restriction in diet is for all an irksome

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only, consists, like the ordinary urethroscope, of a

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and usefulness to the community. It was his privilege to

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