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Physical examination shows patient of good build, good musculature;

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sents its ulterior dangers (aneurysm, apoplexy). The coronary arteries are

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Acute plastic pericarditis most frequently occurs in young and middle-

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Until Dr. Bellows had accomplished the task of reproving

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in the neck, a rapid, feeble apex-beat, and a systolic 7nurmur at the tri-

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this scheme the simplest form of arc is that which starts with a stiumlus,

glipizide glyburide same

glyburide glipizide same

Rarely the infarct is wedge-shaped. Its color is grayish-white or gray-

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muscles and thereby the over-straining of the damaged muscles.

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For further microscopical examination the chemical tests

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glyburide vs glipizide elderly

later become imperative. The mechanical treatment of the cancerous

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rexial or congestive variety; the second, asthenic or syncopal, corre-

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skin over the deltoid and the shoulder-joint. Paralysis results in

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■cholia, and other debilitated conditions. Whether or not a marked pre-

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Definition. — An acute maniacal delirium associated with hallucina-

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with almost instant relief to the patient. Suppuration and tonsillar

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sufficient justification for a diagnosis of Raynaud's disease. In fact, the

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the use of the limbs in as natural and comfortable a manner as

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that are sometimes heard here. The pulmonic second sound is weak,

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uremia (especially Avhen beginning with cerebral manifestations, as coma

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ing. Motor weakness develops, and is rapidly followed by paralysis.

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dice and pain may either be only slight or entirely absent. AVhen, how-

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Diagnosis. — This is made by an examination of the urine. Macro-

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variations depend upon the causation and duration of the nephritis.

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The scope of this rather recent addition to our clinical re-

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the ground, to a total inability to walk, owing to the high degree of adduc-

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and syncopal attacks are sometimes troublesome. The pulse, in conse-

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Physical Signs, — The impulse may be feebly heaving (sometimes ab-

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life may last for weeks ; (2) Gradual asthenia ; (3) Direct pressure ; (4)