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abscess cavity should be washed out with an antiseptic solution and
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lation. Inhalations of steam may be of advantage, or just when it is
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The exceptions to this rule are met with almost exclusively in connection
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catarrh. In rare cases the vena portse is completely obliterated by the
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tlio inflammatory products begin to dry down, and a c. ust is formed which
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murmur, we next find the point of its maximum intensity. Murmurs
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given, and, if the pain is severe, hypodermics of morphine must be given
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urine of high specific gravity, containing epithelial, small hyaline, or blood
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erally found in compact, airless, uneven masses, which readily sink in
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percha, certain forms of plaster, liquid paper, etc., etc. All these sub-
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times the evening temperature is the higher. It varies with the extent
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taneously flows from such a puncture can be preserved upon the convex surface of a piece of quill, and
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tions, and insist upon their continuance until the laryngeal symptoms shall
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the large bowel, when they are blackish. Constipation and diarrha3a may
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the use of braces, corsets, jackets, and other mechanical appliances,
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Prognosis. — The prognosis will entirely depend upon the nature of
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cases ; at one time the cavity will be nearly filled with fluid and contain
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ing the first forty-eight hours. Following this, the fibrinous exudation
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most marked behind. In cancer there are isolated spots of resonance in
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ual use of aconite and digitalis is known to have caused it. Cardiac palpi-
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Being Plain Inntructions to the Amateur for the Successful Management of the
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cral '*' pains darting down the limbs, of a stabbing, lancinating character,
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which are attached to the greater tuberosity, while the deltoid, biceps,
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over sixty years of age, with tliis type of pneumonia, is not seen until the
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condensed, friable, and of a pale ashy-gray color. In severe epidemics, a
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and can be propagated by personal contagion. The disease is not neces-
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ment, persons may not discover that they have been injured, unless a
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in tepid water and applied to the surface seem to be of service. During
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voice, occasion headaches, partial deafness, and various nervous symp-
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slight jaundice is common toward the end of the disease ; it never exists
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cancer and intermittent in phthisis. The cancerous cachexia and swollen
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may be so widespread as to affect the beard and eye-brows, or it may be
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chloric acid mingled with the faeces, carbolic acid may be used ; indeed,