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The lesion in the nuclei consists in atrophy of the nerve cells, with or
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ish and milky hue ; meninges much congested, and the cord itself
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the blood-vessels of the sclerotic and conjunctivae are enlarged.
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orrhage into Douglas's pouch ; that immediately after
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galvano-cautery, not only of all diseased parts, but as
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and cerebellum, and tetanic spasms, trismus, emprosthotonos, etc.
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17. Hypertrophy, with hardening or softening of the mesenteric glands,
ce antifungals
anything else that occurred to me, and yet I was not satisfied
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the pressure to be exerted equally in all directions.
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the amount of fluid taken and by insisting upon a dry diet.
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muscular oesophagus ; tail of the male drawn out to a long fine point,
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sion." The patient's body is flexed laterally away from the
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be carefully examined in this condition, the lice or nits will
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Petcrsb., 1887, vii, 529; 549,— Tiazoni ( G. ) Studj di
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been present at two operations for gall stones. The question arose as to what
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a valuable work of reference, and contains many authoritative treatises
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found the patient very healthy, free from hysteria or
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(E.) Extraction d'une aiguille a coudre localis^e par le
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of the disease, impossible to foretell whether it will terminate in death