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A portion of the central part of the cerebrum, which is situa-

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g. of crystalline sodium acetate. The mixture, from which a portion

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was no aifficult dissection required, and no danger of orbital cellulitis. It

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240, with a mortality of ii per cent., or, in general

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toma it burrows, so to speak, into the folds of the liga-

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Toxicology. — Before the present century little was known of poisons,

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pends largely ujjon the authorship of the new work. When

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rare sequel. Meningitis, brain abscess, and sinus thrombosis may occur.

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the uterus, and Italian observers had succeeded in finding

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" While these symptoms still continued, Assman swallowed, about

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shows no tendency to become aggravated as time goes on.

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and even taxidermists and the makers of playing cards. Bromine and

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the fish had been eaten in a raw or partially cooked condition, such results

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arrived at without appearing in court; the second was as to

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Mr. Holme; Mr. Duncan; Mr. Hart; Dr. Rogers; Dr. Maysmor ;

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cellent rule, in all cases of chronic, recurrent, spas-

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pul>lishiMl. I found a woodcut of a simple contrivance

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there will be a suitable portion of fancy reading, to-

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there is a permanent nervous affection of the ear pro-

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of malarial cachexia was found to be endemic. This disease the

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but an exposure to the same cause immediately reproduces it. A

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so generally recognized that literature of the present day

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after having observed that the layers of the crystalline lens diff"er

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April 25 and 26. — In Nish, connected Nvith the formation of a Board of

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by the extrusion of the gangrenous mass through a bronchus, or by

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especially in hereditary cases, so that aiTections which


particularly call to mind two instances in which a stran-

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Indicate the albumin, globuUn and reduction of Fehllng's

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monstration in every sentence, obstinacy, indolence, and the fear of "re-