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our medical schools, to prolong the course of study, and to

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The attention of physicians is particularly invited to a trial of this article 5 as the pro-

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intermitente. An. Acad, de med. de Medellin, 1890-91,

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a solution of extract of ergot in glycerine, as has been done successfully,

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hour of two o'clock in the afternoon, to hear the report of the Discipline Committee of the

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being guided by reason — has convinced him that this mental state is

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bundle in the optic fibers. This circumstance can sometimes be uti"

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about two inches of its upper surface remained exposed. The

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observed to ulcerate and subsequently disappear, whilst in other

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Leishman and Smith claim that this irritates the nerve-

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being pecuUarly prone to be affected by it ; while the heart, the liver and kidney

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stimulation of the hunger centre, but this theory is untenable. The

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them, and you have the beginnings of the invitation to insan-

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the epithelium which surrounds the papillae. Dental caries is frequent,

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the kidney vessels themselves must be infinitely greater. Where these

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to help patients and families deal more effectively with personal, social,

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of food the stomach becomes almost completely divided by a

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iu the aeute eases, usually duriim- the ])aroxysm, from asphyxia, (edema of

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another alarming haemorrhage from one of the large trunks of veins.

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may come within the province of the hospital to care for in this

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And here just a word about apparatus and appliances in general.

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of bringing down the tumour so low as to expose the ligature.

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never due to muscular activity, but to muscular weakness or