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mia, by Dr. Jean Crocq fils, of Brussels. Still Dr. Crocq

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with difficulty. Their weight was 7 dr. each. Both suprarenals

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the acid, but the growth of the fungi is much freer in these

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Synonym. — Litliium citricuin, citrate of lithia, E.; citrate

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ing of what seemed to be regular labor pains. As the

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hecii roj^nlar in Iut menses until within the past tlin-e

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tion returned, and he was able to take a few steps unsupported. He

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The treatment is, with rare exceptions, purely symptomatic. An

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School and other Books, Blank Books of all sizes. Sta-

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regional surgery of the entire body, excepting gyneco-

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in ophthalmology exhaustively, and to supply a treatise

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tions, and has done something toward discriminating the cases,

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coagulated blood was found in one of the great vessels near the heart.

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increase in extent and density, unless from that very

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which continued till the patient was thirty. The mind is hardly removed

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tioned were present in nearly all the cases. I am glad to have

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line from that point to the internal condyle of the femur.

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some hours, so that, in case of a secondary rise, a bath

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(a) In one case, now under my care, of " atrophodermia guttata " —

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and since that date his general condition has been about the same as

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tein, 3.9 g/dL; albumin, 1.7 g/dL; globulin, 2.2g/dL.

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toid arthritis or arthritis deformans is that the focus of infec-

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sirument, a representation of which is given | tracheotomy may be called for.

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facial palsy, but no right facial palsy. Autopsy. — Buffy, non-septic clot in left

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The patient, a fifty-eight-year-old Polish- American

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and the chairman of the committee has the privilege, by vote of

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to possess, and the amount of duty, responsibility, and danger

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vice, and cocaine and respiratory stimulants; but I

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intimate knowledge of the Pacific and the Spanish Main, had

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as well as in degree. The type is exceedingly complicated, obscure,

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Pneuvwnia. — One of the most important contributions that has

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This is a dangerous disease, liable to be protracted, and requires

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hand were also softer and thinner than normal, and pre-