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way of good nursing materially affects the prognosis as regards the

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intigonococcic, antieubercle and an ti venomous ; on tubercu-

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riod at a time; and it has been supposed to constantly alternate

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liver, and that when certain parts of the brain are injured it shows

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ceptional cases in which no rash appears have a generally mild course ; but

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in number, bearing upon the conditions of government and

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tympanitic sound on percussion, was detected in the right iliac fossa. On deep

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of so much power as the protoxide of nitrogen, when inhaled, should

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hood, and were first incorporated into one worshipful

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restrained may suddenly disappear. For these reasons,

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It is at present the established custom in these institutions to

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13. Nor shall any well or spring be located within 300 feet of the stable.

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taken away. The wound was for the most part united ; the summit

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great misfortune, not from their intrinsic value, for they would

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responsible, they will be summoned into court without

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Ixxxvii, 266. — Sarcoma of femur; amputation. Chi-

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Samuel ^Vhitehouse Bai-nett, at 2, Clarendon-gardens, Maida-Yale, on

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portant place for her in the nurses training program; or to a school teacher, an opportunity to

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itself by a local emptying of vessels in the neighborhood, leading to

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the same as those commonly present in the healthy intestine.

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sewage of one thousand people. The Chicago Drainage Canal was de-

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situated in the pyriforni fossa. An oiK'ration for dissecting it out might

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I had hoped at this time to have given an account of some

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when to her great astonishment, six months after this

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that an active ulcer is present, as it represents the crater of the

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54 Brunton & Williams : Case of Angina Abdominis

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Page 24^ paragraph 154a. (As changed by C 1, 22 Sep 61) Change

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two ; but there was no obstruction to the breathing, nor was it necessary to re-

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toxiJZTmart. C. amazonum Mart, which are also used m India as anow

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Monday, 8th. — Reports that the headache was relieved by the ac-