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Joycelyn Elders, Director of the Arkansas Department of

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patient before and may never see him or her again. That

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When the tonsils bleed more than I Like I apply a styptic paste which I

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4. The failure of the . . . Government to protect their soldiers from

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upper edge of the epiglottis. In this manner enlargement or ulcerations

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powder of a slightly bitter but not unpleasant taste that

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upper lid slightly osdematous, but neither red nor very tense ; globe

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water failed to reveal the presence of this organism in the

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considerable protrusion of the eye with oedema of the lids and

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between the scalpel and the cautery (the trocar is not

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under contract with the city to treat the sick poor must

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the following year, 1841, an Act was passed providing

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wrongly attributed to poisoning, and in others in which the symptoms were

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generalist and the specialist, unity between the employed

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complete tube which is inserted into the ^f 3^;^ restriction is gradually carried

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mation, or a modification of it, may attack parturient women. Idiopathic

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ciation of joint involvements where the upper jaw is the seat of

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