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cheeks, and wedges inserted between the teeth to keep them apart.

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and the cornea ; through a portion of the sclerotic which overlaps

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Retzius, of Christiania (who drew my attention to this fact when looking

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Prize, £10 10s., is awarded by competition once in two J

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ber counted. Of total adults 7%, and of children 2% were

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them every six hours, 3J. of strong mercurial ointment to be

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although the quality of the blood may have some influence, it is pro-

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is at these joints or at the tip of the last segment that the "bands"

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servations in tables. As, however, it has not been possible t.^ print

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details of value only to the specialist. The book will be

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Dr. Grandy points with pride to the statements of Dr.

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able quantit)' of the liquid to remain in the cavity.