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perature (100 F.) appeared and sepsis was evidently

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or more in depth into the nutrient medium along the middle axis

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with impending heart failure. This testimony is quite favorable

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ticulo-optic artery (posterior group) traverses the part farthest from the internal capsule,

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A^^len one considers a newborn baby and the work that is before it,

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through the ether, the C.E., or the chloroform. The anaesthesia is,

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worn a truss, and had suffered no discomfort until some forty-

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came on without any apparent cause. It is unfortunate that the

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the perineal support of the rectum and the straining at

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were distinguisheii as readily in the affected part as in other

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The classes of agents mostly in use for this purpose are alter-

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" A Case of Exostosis of the External Auditory Meatus."

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Cook County Hospital, where the patients were first

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A Treatise on Human Physiology. Designed for the use of Students and

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Put a pint of milk into a buttered stewpan, and allow to

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are convinced, in our readers' minds, of the charge of poltroon-

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apoplexies, or the fluid escapes; when the efiusion is on a surface

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of the vertebral ligaments, one-sided muscular action or faulty

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overcame his strength that few victims care to deny the soft

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interest to speak of at some length, especially as he

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of this work, in the section treating of diseases of the hfemato-poietic system.

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TMrty-nine cases were treated during the year, and call

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height (for example, 106°, Debove; 109°, Micrzejewski ; 111°, Sciamana;

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nations with iron — upon which I need not enter — are also ex-

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emits, during expiration, a grunting sound, it is called a

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N. Y., and directed to proceed to Buffalo, N. Y,, and assume command of the service,

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tabnlar breathing is heard, the affected long-tissue neither expands nor

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Dr. A. M. Cartledge : The last specimen presented was one which is

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cracked and fissured. The temperature rises rapidly, reaching one

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basing his conception rather on the reported similarity of physiologic function

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the action on sugars to the hemolytic action, to the serum reactions, or t<» the

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The clinical pictures of various ophthalmic cases will be

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being in the matter of diagnosis ; the illustrations being so lifelike as to

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its efforts, has been forced to admit to bo beyond its ken. Tbe

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suffer from the dropsies associated with the mal-condition so

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