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slight virulence (Chantemesse and Widal, Sanarelli). The disease produced

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The dose for an adult should not exceed twenty grains,

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Quarantine bill this year, our recent efforts must be

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the right side entirely disappeared and her nervous symptoms,

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1878, XXV. 294 ; 344.— Fyfe (P.) Address to young plumb-

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sion. High fever existed, and when rupture occurred there

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of cysts extended from left side of upper margin of sacrum and

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The primary cause of death was aneurism ; the second-

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She was still in a desperately weak condition, but able

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though with some tendency to repeat letters. For instance, he

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and Nerves (Club-foot, Whitlow, Ganglion, &c.), Venereal Diseases,

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into the ventricles. A lumbar puncture later showed the first

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variation. It oscillates synchronously with the pulse and respiration, is

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after the second week of the disease — from those disturbances that

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ration of the drum-head, it may be seen emerging from

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Indications: Chronic urinary tract infections (primarily

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of a hostile army or the destruction of a threateniug fleet. It

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destruction of blood pigment by the acid gastric juice. On micro-

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accounted for by supposing that the almost constant immersion of

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the examination of the thorax as a machine, to consider the sounds elicited from

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thick, dark yellowish, putty-like matter, with hair and bone;

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agent known to man, because under modern conditions of sanitation