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confined to the class of cases for which it was originally intended.
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contents of the bowel thus appear to become changed in their passage, not only
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This condition of the urine in hooping cough | 1858.
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in Quain's " Anatomy " at page TfG, vol. i. part i (Embryology),
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to these rays has been taken advantage of in the treat-
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During the reaction there appears to be a temporary liberation of chlorine.
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siphoned ofiF into sterilized containers. The addition of antiseptics is
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unusual number of eosinophilous leucocytes ; but this occurs in other
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This want of precision as to what a course of lectures or a
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Yours in the hope and reward of a kindly life and a propitious
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Shade the horse and roll him upon his chest and keep him
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further, and see if we have evidence of how it is they exert
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cough, it indicates emphysema (broken wind). If with strong
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as fully as can be, and various instructive articles upon
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The aggregate capacity of the vascular system will, there-
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She first noticed this tumour, which was seated in the lower portion of
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water-supply ; and thirdly, the question of the inspec-
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many so-called "drug and food idiosyncrasies" — anaphylaxis?). Also her
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1888, 2. 8., ii, 1-11. Also: Gaz. d. hop.. Par., 1889, Ixii, 362-
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dozen cases in this manner and the results have been almost
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is called anatomy, in the broad sense of the word, making it to
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deep-seated stricture without resorting to such force
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pcipendicnlarly, and the opening be sufficiently large, pneumothorax
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cation of heat, which also causes the vessels to collapse.
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ments appropriated to lying-in women. Here upwards of 6000
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are noticeable. Both sets of curv^es rise from the isoelectric point
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children, and referred to the relatively epidemic prev-
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Corresponding to the close clinical connection between actinomvcosis