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Meat imported past the customs line is subject to an official exam-
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temporarily faintness and palpitation. The sound of the
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voked by accumulated feces in the intestines, or by
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the description of the pulse as found in the ancient Sanskrit treatises
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well of themselves, without leaving any permanently ill effects, if the system is kept
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C. F. Folsom — TransactionB Association Medical Superintendents
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stances after the removal of the mole local recurrence in the scar took
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roughened expiration. By the end of May he had recovered sulHeient
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his cheeks, a leaden hue spreads over his face, and
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differential leucocyte counts were made before and after the sei/Aires. In
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or by weak claret and Yichy water, when wine is not con-
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which are studied for a sufficiently^ long time without medical treat-
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ally expressed in the guise of a superstitious formula.
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Eev. m6d. de Test, Nancy, 1899, xxxi, 760. — Haywarfl
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period of hospitalization is shortened. The most im-
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ibis time a small tumor was discovered, and seemed to occupy exactly
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Wood, in his u Treatise on the Practice of Medicine," remarks as
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acted locally; it is also probable that the congestion of the alimentary canal was due to the
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from the human subject is eight feet — by Dr. F. J. Shepherd, of Montreal.
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and which only could be removed by a wet sponge, and that which had
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to make your diagnosis in fifteen mniutes. Sometimes it takes a week,
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and which was not the least interesting of the series.
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however, as is the practice with some, a portion should
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but in reversing' the current, care should be taken not to continue the
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physicians who give their time, their knowledge freely for the bene-
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