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up inflammation in neighbouring parts by their rubbing against the

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£153,822 from £240,669 in the previous year. Mr. Layard, the

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portion to the rest of the building ; these are two in number —

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and where one got, as Dr. Draper had said, one or two

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hours only. It is unnecessary to add that mechanical restraint in any

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In pathologic cases the count should, if possible, be taken just before a meal,

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Some of the following cases of otalgia and inflammation

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issue in the hands of the eminent gentlemen who have

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phenic add, both internally and externally, with gratifying

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There was no cardiac or pulmonary defect ; no pelvic

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containing the cilice is thus formed, as in the so-called Arlt-Jaesche


3. When second marriages take place, if both parents are

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as a remedy for whooping cough. For this purpose it is usually

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Then you find the only difficulty of the operation, and

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nect the bacillus tuberculosis in an intelligible manner

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abdomen ; and no abnormity was appreciated. Labor-pains

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transfixed and ligated under the ovary, but could not

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pharyngeal abscess is also found in inflammations of tiie

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probably a branch, and from the condition seen in other sections

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quence of the contraction of the group of muscles concerned in bringing

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* At fint I named the instruments Noematacbometer and Noematachoscope.

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anaesthesia of the cornea would be pathognomonic of lesion of the cor-

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There is also said to be a dioxide (new system, K,0 2 ) ; but it has

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for example, that which is experienced l)y the i^assing of a regiment

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slightly tenacious film would be detected. This would remain for variable