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that ordinary cadaveric matters may not produce it.

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furnished me by Dr. Globig. These long badlli which I

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thus proved that they penetrate far more easily in bloodless

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diversified occupations, diet, and habits of life. Their formation

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in the education of those whose life will be devoted to

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" Every man has a given amount of vital force to live with and work with. His

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pages. Bound in Extra Cloth. Price, $4.00, net. F. A. Davis Com-

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right or left side ; they are all but inoperative against the lateral

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descreases, particularly for moderate exertion, as the bodily changes

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she had long suffered, yet the fistulous tract did not heal ;

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4th and 5th days, systolic 105 and diastolic 50, the pressure now usually

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tion that a want of grace in public acts of this sort is

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must avoid the difficulty of getting it into the tissues

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the skimmed-milk, whey, and buttermilk cures are due to the formation

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other contagious diseases have not varied material!/ at their

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her as seldom in bed as possible, till the child's head is about to

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to . Dysenteric stools frequent. No symptoms referable

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•care of his expectoration may become as safe an individual to asso-

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Purgatives were used from time immemorial in these cases. It

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alkalinity of the bloocl (Leube). — The Lancet^ October

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stopped, and a weak solution of permanganate of potass (1 part of

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membrane of the stomach, which, even when it still appears to be

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lished in the 'Practitioner,' under the name of progressive muscular atrophy,

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sleeping persons are frequently bitten. Only a small percentage develop

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i¥as becoming more solidified and extended in the direc-

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tained of this leg, by the well-known Surgeons, whose names are

flupentixol dihydrochloride & escitalopram oxalate

October 12, 1916, 12 m. — ^Blood-pressure: systolic, 216; dias-