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was lying on a boarded floor of oak. The deceased was fully dressed, and

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a nervous disorder. The symptomatology consisted in

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three weeks' rest in bed the hgemorrhage ceased. The full term of pregnancy

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the disease, while townspeople had suffered from it at some previous time

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charts of their daily fluctuations in weight (appended to this protocol) it does

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emetics, or to answer other indications, not only failed, but m

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abnormal symptoms at this time. As the temperature, however, rose still

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tudinally wrinkled pieces, 10 to 25 mm. or more in thickness ;

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from the absence of that horribly foetid odor which is usually emitted

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we were classifying the cases as simple and exophthalmic goitre.

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heredity a very important element in the etiology of the

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Aside from these purely mechanical effects, it was evi-

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by the rectal tube, and this repeated a few times as it becomes absorbed

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partial or incomplete ventral hernia is met with, namely, rup-

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nants, and am inclined to believe that the cell-heaps are de- '

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can scarcely be in a fit state for expulsion. Sydenham

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ing process in the skin, and protect it from a further spread.

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that from July ist to August 20th very little food could

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through the external integuments, tedious, annoying, and a

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(1811-1878), said that Van Helmont was much superior to

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Dr. Hayden remarked, in reference to this case, that it illustrated —

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out of hypnosis the facts as elicited were laid before the patient;

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are the facility with which the skull may be split and transplanted, and the


a tetanic affection, swallowed, in twenty successive days, upwards of

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inflammations, such as pleuritis, peritonitis, and enteritis. I

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gique, hvT. iv., gives us the particulars of a case

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cheese will rest upon three or four strips so that the surface is almost

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tympanic cavity contained muco-pus, the left mucus. Viscera normal.