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natural tendency in fever to come to a crisis, or to work its own cure
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Boric (boracic) acid, in saturated (1 : 25) or milder solutions, has some
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IL The Nomenclature of Diseases. — This, the second object of
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irregular and responding to light very slowly ; severe
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accept the proposition that cancer care could be im-
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reasonable in declaring impossible what our eyes now see, as we are
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if the spasm commence at the base of the tongue, we may find in sooie
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in the older alluvium of European valleys, I confidently expect."
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disappear spontaneously after an indifferent operation or
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must and will only happen when he has been exposed to both the
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all the curable and malignant diseases, many of them that we have all
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tions of the uterus being destroyed in the largest and in the
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of age, occupation sailor, reported at sick-call, com-
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carnete, openings, etc., are said to have been hardly
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So long as the heart beats, efforts to restore the animal should
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precipitation upon the glass. The best method of procedure is as
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proves that she is careful only of such parts of her apparel as she thinks most likely to be seen.
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allude to certain instances where great misunderstand-
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the eyes are dull and inflamed, and the cheeks suffused
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Bacteriological examination hy Dr. Still showed the presence of an apparently
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mediately beneath the skin. I saw a case in which the perforation occurred at
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formation available, it is probable that after the ruin of
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The gums are everywhere gradually hypertrophied, forming projecting masses
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seems to be the liability of hemorrhage following the
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conclusions on many points are yet to be concluded. Therefore, the
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the blood remains practically constant. Only a very careful study
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tolerance to the curette is marked, and the punctiform
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,'pasmodic action of the facial muscles and convergent strabismus.
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were sent to all service commands; these letters, with
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they may be early or late. The paralysis is sometimes the first manifesta-
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10,000 births in England, for three years ending with 1875,
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demic of 1870 we had the great advantage of being assisted by the dis-
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cellent discussion of the subject, one which has unfortu-