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out into the cavity of the arachnoid is explicable by the circumstance,
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lJf.th. — At 9 A. M. the patient was still somewhat drowsy,
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but the most exact examination does not show any swelling. An important
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traced to their importation, nor has any well-authen-
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though tardy recovery, the only additional inconvenience
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sult of the treatment based upon these hypotheses has afforded the
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owing to a development of spindle-shaped and stellate cells. According
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short, scout, of nervo-sangnineous temperament, was
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feet, learned to walk (^Mimorabilien, Nov. 15, 1882). —
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a galenical, here will be found the explanation, and, if
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The isthmus of the thyroid gland was divided. Trache-
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Murder of Degenerates. — To me it is extremely painful to
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but upon exercising this would disappear. The swell-
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patient, in surprise. " Why, man alive, I've never had
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tamed four or six times as much phosphate of lime as is contained in
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replied that his wife did not desire any family, and that, as
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where no suitable government building is available, by com-
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Eitatic and Naturalized. — Altium Cepa^ (onion,) root,
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small intestine. In order to prevent such accidents