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except in the acute anterior poliomyelitis of children. There may, however,

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Owing to the strongly marked diathesis and tendency to rela})se existing

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(pulverization, nebulization) of liquids; inhalation of mineral

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are not permanently modified by contact with eosin for a long

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dow in front. The house was immediately surrounded, and all the

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months, and that he has performed the principal capital and

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Drysdale, M.D. ; J. R. Russell, M.D., and Francis Black,

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acidosis, but at any gi^'en altitude the acidosis and the diminution

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that ascites may depend on various kinds of lesions ; being re-

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grains of trional in water, after which he remained almost

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Proc.-verb. (etc.] I'ar., 1892, vi, 471 - 478. — Schinid-

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"hjects, and also R<'ports oj Cases occurring in practice.

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follow it up by restoring the urethra, which will bring good results if strict

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guson, on the removed kidney, is that it measured 14 x

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has charge of four wards, situated in separate blocks

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of fuel, the process is sometimes very imperfectly carried out.

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hunt down the animal in the prairies. All kinds of food rich in fat will

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secretion. In this series of 1592 cases there were 10 cases of primary

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James Ormiston Affleck. Edinburgh; William Dobbin, county Down;

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about thirty hours after the injury when he began to

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attended all therapeutical measures in cholera during the cholera


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glass, and standing with the eye on a level with the upper end of the column,

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the peritonaeum. The anterior peritonaeum itself was perfectly

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this might be true among the poor, but in private prac-

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tkm that a blow or £^1 on the head induces tuberculosis of the menin-

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from its solutions : but the most effectual precipitant is the chloriodide of

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as factors, we are certainly more likely to get better results. The older

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passed through the aponeurosis of the external oblique, catch-