day following use for nighttime sedation This potential
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the beat Medical Treatise on the Oil with which I am acquainted. Hence 1 deem the Cod-liver Oil sold under his guarant*
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as shall cause the least inconvenience, and to defray the expense
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enlargement of the eighth and ninth dorsal vertebras from cancerous
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Intravenous Salvarsan Alone, with Intravenous Sai.varsan and
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The giant caverns, so still throughout the march of ages, now burst
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are peculiar to different species — ^to man alone or to the
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gion in America," he says, " when embarrassed by the well-known and
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pathic spondylitis and idiopathic disease affecting any
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very weak. Under the use of tonics, including quinine,
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color and fallen into the lumen of the tubule. The bacterio-
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water, during active peristalsis. guaiac or benzidin tests are not sufficiently
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10.3 per cent prolapse of iris ; with only 2.6 per cent.
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lung which is most emphysematous. The exaggerated resonance being
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and since the clinical notes of these old "Arabian"
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cers (of His Majesty's sloop Dasher,) and most of the mid-
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fourth and forty-fifth on record. In the first case, that
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nounced and. characteristic motor defects, which often
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the state of pulmonary inflation, and the results governed
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femur, in which open operation was required, and in whicli a plate
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for the delicacy of touch that makes him successful,
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the walls, before the advancing head, means that the line of least
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that such rules should be either amended or abrogated,
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these as generally denoting corporeal ailment. And this should be im-
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Kala Azar. — The Englishman of Calcutta in a recent issue calls atten-
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of twenty-two inclies in diameter, with doarse and wide set teeth;
etiology is only applicable in cases of deviation where there
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may be extreme, especially when there is marked polyuria. The fetid
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in man. This of course allows an easier transmission of
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(3) Meltzer, S. J., and Meltzer, Clara: Amer. Jour. Physiol., ix, 147, 1903.
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coud, p. 342, also ascribes to Whytt the mention of sympathetic palsies.
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the prisoner. In his defence, it was alleged that he shot the deceased under
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becoming, so to speak, humanised by frequent human gene-
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cure. We should only give way to operative measures
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regulated almshouse, while it has left for the asso-
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coat is formed of the peritoneum (the lining membrane of the
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lower, which hangs everted, and they are never in apposition.
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Kassowitz: Metabolismus und Inimunitiit, Wien. med. Wchnschr., 1906, Ivi,
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