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11. On the Therapeutics of New-horn Children, By Dr. Lebibteb.

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casts. The amount of albumen present in such urine does not often

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that it is not pure. In biochemistry we are constantly faced with the

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a group of bacteria, the component individuals of which, while to a

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all modern iinprovruicnis in tlu' management of the insane have Iteen temling,

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that are generally associated with real greatness of

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slight degree — that is, they were thickened, of a reddish color, and some-

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operation is easy and safe. Mares have been known, in

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one time by some authorities that, in a case of suspected

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French lines. You will, therefori, require evidence that

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ganglionic cells undergo chromolytic and destructive changes in some

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no serious illness ; but had suffered from occasional " rheumatic " manifesta-

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epidemic thus brought about the death rate was 8 per cent.

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of their treatment. There was an average of 83 diet changes each day d\rring

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American College A postgraduate course on ENVIRONMENTAL LUNG DISEASE will be presented

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In Chart 1* is given the results of our study of six normal persons.

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fitting. Ibid., 1886-9, xv-xix, passim. — Ventilating

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a large dose of castor oil. Later sodium sulphate often

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ber is two hundred and four, J exclusive of honorary

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dropping upon the animal's back, directly applied to the loins.

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hysterical mania nuist nr)t be confounded with nympho-

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inflammation of the bowels. In these cases, the natural smooth glistening sur-

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preparatory to work upon muscles lying beneath it, i. e.,

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tlie treatment of a chronic hepatic fistula. He was a tall powerful-

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