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The Sphygmographic Appearances of the Pulse ix Infancy

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in cases of pernicious malaria indicate coexistent typhoid infection.

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seemed to be swollen and filled with a black fluid.

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and in other diseases of the kidney. The patient then suffers from slight

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to cancer (Da Fano); (c) the lymphocytic crisis in the circulating

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perate America, A. quadrimaculatm, which is probably the same as A.

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unction ; this prevents the skin becoming irritated, and

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lids swell and often eyes are entirely closed; sides of the face are

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tubercle bacilli. Iodized oil injection in these patients

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peritoneum, omentum, and serous membranes of the pleura? and pericardium

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could fail to be impressed by the large proportion of cachectic cases,