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center. The spleen is the commonest seat of infarction ;
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and 60 grammes of tabac en carotte, to 3 litres of watei', boiled
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syphilis, and in less than i per cent, more a likely
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organization, when retained, are characteristic of dropsy. Occurring upon mneoos
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him to my office in his bugg>', and after an examination he was sent to
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fect of a single local application must be very slightly felt
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tween it and other acute and chronic diseases, is not infrequently
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Charles that typhus had been so effectually grappled
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ever an immediate result of endocarditis ; at all events, I have never met
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(2) a-amidonaphthalene acetate solution. Dissolve 5.0 grams solid
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Dr. Grant. I cannot agree with him. I have examined
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Statistics as to the efficacy of vaccination multiply with the revolv-
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free from all symptoms of cerebral congestion. A few
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epileptic phenomena, including the tonic spasms, it is obvious that it is
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normal when the blood volume has been increased. This high pres-
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with epilepsy. The underljdng causes of these symptomatic seizures are
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sary to the existence of malaria— namely, the presence
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of other observers who have used the chrome-silver method in their studv of
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quent of the cases under discussion were those of grave
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agent, there are some cases in which it is impo3sible to find
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administration of diuretics, and especially salts of potash, has
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resulting in the phenomena of cholera is wi'ought in the blood
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the late war with Russia, dysentery was one of the most prevalent
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where he finds six varieties, and many sequelae, each dignified
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on an obscure and fatal Disease among Transport Mules in British
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tain one-half more reading matter than its predecessor. The same house have
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ing, where a thermometer recorded the exit temperature.
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and unquestionably less extensive inflammation was present in other cases
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thereby ; the wearied muscle may rest and come out of that rest with
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acquired severe chronic poisoning in the old factory and have recov-