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pp. 167-68: 1939 (1940), p. 253; 1940 (1941), p. 265.
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distention are, as a rule, followed by only transient relief of symptoms.
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Labouring Population of England and Wales, 18-12 ; Local Reports on the
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I am prepared to admit that when we go fully into the question
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it is when thus given less liable to cause disorder of the digestive
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ascertained that many of the cases occurring in Mr. Jones's
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culation and thence distributed to various parts of the sys-
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had been called in to attend on the deceased, quantity!" We presume that iVIr. Roswel!
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than these have been attained by means of the antipyretic treatment, and espe-
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Let A r j = the nitrogen content of the undigested flour soup.
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ables us to establish a very accurate and highly important practical connection
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<.'liaracterized by the short, thick-set, or close, full frame, with large head,
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sistence of the toxic substance seems to ha^'e been limited to certain
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or sloughing of it will lead to a rupture and cause the
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normal for the time being. In certain gouty persons the kidney
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ments coriect? A contribution to the mechanics of the
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out into the cavity of the arachnoid is explicable by the circumstance,
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