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to ascertain how the experiment was proceeding. The remainder

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diet. It is well established that an exclusive diet of meat greatly increases the nitrogen*

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1878, XXV. 294 ; 344.— Fyfe (P.) Address to young plumb-

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compliance with Par. 5, S. O. 133, Division of the Atlantic,

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University of Louisville, and by the authority of the General Assembly of

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There was no spontaneous nystagmus or any signs of labyrinthine

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the frenum, which was left to heal by granulation, and there was not an

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retained at the expense of the State, instead of being allowed to

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Two of the patients did not raise sufficient sputum for typing and

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history previous to 1870, being opposed to a syphiltic theory. Still I con-

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He was born at lv<)niggiatz, in Bohemia, on February

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