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in young children for croup was a diftieult and a dangerous op-

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been published, and these cases are not included in my tables. (See

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gastric disease; of these 22, 19 were cancers and 3 presented other con-

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physicians than those who favor its use in treatment, and

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on the opposite sides. This being done, and the ends

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and had received a severe injury to his skull from a rifle ball—

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If the "Compulsory Vaccination Bill," recently intro-

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could justly be considered ape-like, appearances common to apes

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Harbert, J. C. and Ashburn, W. L. : Radio strontium bone sc ^ning in Hodgkin's

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grant authority to so-called "healers" to practice the healing art without

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to each other over half their extent. Examination of the eyes

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is that the prime factor is a death, or at least a loss of vitality, of the

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think, much to be regretted that the eminent surgeons who have

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tallic mercury in distinct and well-defined globules will be obtained. Detach

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stratus is found to be electrified positively, and to be highly

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acute or chronic pancreatitis and cancerous invasion. Perforation in

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the metastatic nodules in young patients, the free occurrence

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of an artichoke^ These being digested in sulphuric acid,

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over the sacrum results from the same cause, a deformity

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its action is only sedative ; 3, paraldehyde is efficacious

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35. Peroxide of hydrogen, which was discovered by Thenard in 1818,

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enteric fever can not of course be made out in its early stages, for the

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grew normally at blood heat (37^ C). At this maximum many of

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did the matter thrown up at once exceed two quarts. Ilic-

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single case, that '^ where amaurosis supervenes, the apoplexy is

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two of whom represented the Medical Department of Pennsylvania Col-

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ledge of our ignorance, although promising well for

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that patients are not carefully treated. This occurs in