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He took his degree at Edinburgh in 1810, and shortly after-

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the base of the heart which felt as if a blow had been struck there.

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is not, however, easily answered, for it has been shown by Sherrington that

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etc., and acetate of lead, which seems to exert a directly depress-

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magnesia 1 oz., bicarbonate of soda 1 dr., finely-powdered ginger

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the CDC has recently revised its previous recommendation

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However, much to our sorrow, clean milk has not solved the many prob-

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specimens. Dr. George .Johnson's specimens are well known,

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occurs in various brain-diseases, it alone has no diagnostic value, but«

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we not fail in our duty in letting them be deceived?

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of Ehrendorfer and Pritzel are especially recommended. Bandl's class

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irritation, injections of salt and water should be used

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of tissue sufficiently large not to draw the lower part

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* Read by Dr. Paul F. Mund6 before the New York Obstetrical So-