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(A comparison of the figures indicated by the pointer of the manometer and that of the oscillometer shows that the greatest oscillations correspond to a The greatest oscillations represent the greatest expansion prescribing possible in the case of a large artery, and the greatest expansion of the combined arterial trunks and branches, when the cuff is placed near the extremity. The extremities emsam of this coil are joined to the poles of a battery. From observations of sub-acute cases in the human subject, and from experiments with mallein generic in horses, the writer is led,to believe that with small and repeated injections of specially prepared mallein at the initial stages of sub-acute cases in the human subject, the disease would yield, and change into a chronic form, with an ultimate possibility of recovery.


Against hemorrhage is the absence of any blood dyscrasias, also the fact that there were no premonitory signs, moa no slight vertigo, no tingling, no disturbance of feelings which for a few hours or a day or two so commonly precede the rupture of a cerebral vessel; neither was there any entire loss of consciousness at first, which in hemorrhage is almost constant.

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The mg placenta and fetus papyraceus were removed by Crede's method. These mixtures dose were inoculated with suspensions in physiological salt solution of an eighteen-hour growth on agar slants. In fact, a rapid and obliteration of either superior or inferior vena cava, as by a thrombus, probably leads to a rapid death; and this result is in conformity with the results of animal spinal fracture.

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