time of his aphasie attack. At the age of eleven years he had a long illness,
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the body was examined, attention was first directed to the supra-cla-
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and legs had disappeared, also that in the axilla and
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vitis with eczema of the cheek ; conversely, the cutaneous eruptions
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10 and 15 j'-ears, 86 eases ; between 15 and 20 years, 46 cases ; between
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tion with the students of all the arts and sciences who find in I^ndon
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both the same pathological changes are observed — namely,
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operating within a few inches of ftecal fistulas and ulcerated
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Persons in good health in whom only very large doses
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the point where it divides into the right and left branch
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longer be called an inflammation. Here the process did
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The skin was hot and dry, the respiration embarrassed ; there was
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are on the increase, or else there is a growing demand,
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the nose, scleritis, keratitis, conjunctivitis, asthma, bron-
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appearance of a thin opaque cloud of even density, just visible
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worth while to commemorate this early success in the life of
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the heart and the temperature can be reduced, and the fever moderated,
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arising from ulcerations which had begun 3 months previously
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Hypodermic injection of 1 c.c. strych. sulph. solution.
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as effectual as in the uncomplicated cases, which would be expected. He does
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of Surgery in the Woman's Medical College, St. Louis, Mo.
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must have been continued into the tissues by the veins
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with little or no evidence of cavity formation; or infiltration more
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Because of the debris in ice cream, which ordinarily renders the
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tem of sewage and drainage as inducements to cleanli-
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particularly in young women of a nervous temperament. Its distin-
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ineum. It ia upon this ground that I justify myself for having
ments were shortened by a correct procedure success
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sharp or projecting body during a fall, or that the prisoner had
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but it will l)e found, in the great majority of cases of
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secretion, especially in children, or the pressure of a tumour
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After some valuable advice on the subjects of early rising,
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/■-^■-- ,7;;^ ;;rr;::::ir:;f ::i:;;-:-;tf:;^-::;;:-;r-
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although cystin was the only protein-fraction excreted, administration of lysin
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stupor (coma diabeticum). The only anatomical change which
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no part in operations upon the hip, namely, we try to make the cut
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serted therein to appease the clamor for higher stand-
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probable candidates. Some attempt is spoken of as likely to be
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benches, are crammed with lectures, and this process extends from
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Dudley had nothing to do with the school, ami that the school was reorgan-
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varicocele, as it practically recovers spontaneously. The