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means he condemns have been employed, and distinguishing the
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of Topsfield, Mass., Mary Ann Janes, daughter of Samuel Janes,
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C-; of surface of muscles, 33°.7 C; 19G, (23 after last observation), temperature of rectan, 36®
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blood through a stenosed mitral valve. Dr. Roosevelt, in
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correspond to the first incision. Separating tlie peri-
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In proportion as one can be sure in his exclusion of the organic
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cular murmur could be heard throughout both lungs ; and from this the infer-
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either of their presence or absence. In considerably more than
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and probably fewer, we have some idea of the destruction of cows.
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It is operative in every sea— exerts its pestiferous influence as certainly among the
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and making a long trip before horse is used to it. Faulty con-
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peTture Tn ferbadoes, found no variations with the seasoru
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age, and I may remark, in connection with this point, that, although we are
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each day would equal the amount ingested. If, on the con-
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tion relates, is only one of quite a large variety of those insects which
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cussion upon it must be attended with beneficial consequences.
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livered at the New York Post-Graduate Hospital. By Charles
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criticized. The lectures are four in number and traverse
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On the other hand, the exceptional cases only in man run so rapid a
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what striking and prolonged, are not observed or interpreted.
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rheumatoid arthritis of the hands and feet; the right
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as one of the nio.st characteri.stic features of malarial di.sea.se. It may be
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and to produce those disorders in the mucous membrane, which have long been known
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convinced that the sac should be dealt with by radical
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(other than fruiters) coming from tropical ports from which
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structure of the cerebral vessels in children has not been
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entirely removed, still gave evident marks of perception, and performed certain motions, which
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tempt to stem the slow but inevitably progressing wave
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media clear, but each eye is the seat of a pronounced choroiditis dissemi-
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and an antiseptic lotion applied freely night and morning. In some cases
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