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and stored in a cool place (see " Infant Feeding ").

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breathing while the patient breathes deeply. If the loudness of the

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the urinary secretion becomes insufficient because of renal

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the spinal canal. Xo active congestion is brought on,

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branes to the contact of the excremental products, and in the

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gravity of typhoid fever when it attacked a patient al-

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tism. The boy was somewhat anaemic ; the faint presystolic

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ive in movement, and happy in disposition. Desiring that

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Ice or snow is particularly useful through the night when nurses and patients

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and more clearly that in every case of inflammation which comes before

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professed follower of Luke, the "physician beloved" of

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he states, on further questioning, that he has some dizziness

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have given the best account of the epidemic, " we have

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