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matism which occurred about two years ago. At that time he fell from
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23.3 per cent, of these were due to engine defects; 4 to some de-
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and them encounters a divided lacrimal duct for one or both
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derive their neives from the solar plexus, is thrown into a state
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bottle is to be corked, the gas allowed to generate, then
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pancreatitis. He had found the production of pancrea-
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It is safe to state that the problem of cure is approached by the
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of the event. One may face the dangers of the tea urn, the coffee pot, and
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is valuable in that it is practical, concise, of convenient size for
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obliquity and curvature are produced by an abnormal obstruction in the
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Austria, and after a period spent in travel he emigrated to the
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even should they be more distinctly defined than is the
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regarding her habits, I own that I was candid and foolish enough to
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common and he has repeatedly demonstrated this by experi-
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its deeper fibers instead of passing under it; (5) or else it
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from one lung to the other. However, there were two condi-
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(100.4°F), and cardiomegaly with a systolic ejection
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this purpose I adopted the incision which Mr. Willett has
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and when used is contined to congestion or sthenic inflamma-
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advocated, he was called by his contemporary brethren " a dreamer."
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atinine. reversible upon discontinuation of therapy, were observed in about 0.2% of patients with essential hyperten-
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the effect produced, being, as a rule, not less than a pint, or even a quart
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and clear ; then total paralysis of the left vocal chord
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The latter, called retrograde invagination, was found in 3 of 59 cases ana-
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stitutional disturbance, its persistency, and its connexion with
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any tiling of what passed, after recovery from the fit? —
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23 ° C. In the dry state. opsonins are preserved for two years.
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Potomac and Ohio rivers. The largest mortality prevails at Providence, Balti-
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When lying in bed the decubitus may be significant, as, upon the back
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Association, Bristol, August 1, 1894. {b) Histopathologic, p. 230.
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of cellular debris. It is well to remember, however,
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and instruments coated with half-dried blood may seem the necessary adjuncts
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is found most abundantly in the sputum during the catarrhal stage and