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place in the management of diseases, as regards air, water, food, exercise,

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of real diagnostic value, namely, the ameba of dysentery,

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hardly vomited at all, and digested simple food tolerable well.

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sufferers lose mental balance through this defective nutri-

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" you must take more exercise." This usually enters one

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even in very young children it is necessary to inject 1,000 I. u.,

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operations through the urethra — will occur. It is obvious that this

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light one, the whole of it would have been thoroughly done.

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often seen in cases of opisthotonos; and, most interesting of all, the

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few if any of the general symptoms that sometimes occur by other methods,

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comparatively useless when given by the mouth. Formic aldehyde

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up and down, swinging his arms wildly about. He would then stop suddenly,

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usually give way near the vas deferens, and the blood-vessels will be

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lation, and not merely of imperfect metamorphosis or oxidation. The

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our so-called impenetrable stratum is actually impervious. In deep

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ANATOMICAL CHARACTERS. The eruption on the surface and morbid,

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were inoculated. Out of that number, reports were received concerning

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receiver the latter acquired title to the accounts but not

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The inferior or external hemorrhoidal artery is a branch of the

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(as is the case with measles and smallpox), but occur once every year or once

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Child Development; June 15, Donald Schetman, M.D., Pre-Malignant and Malig-

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cent, of cases developing among children of lepers removed at birth,

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ding the use of bells by the rag-pickers, and each time, after a few

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others think that the extension of neuritis centripetally sometimes to the