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of soda and Ko grain of bichloride of mercury in each dose, to be given every two

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tinued throughout the 24th. That night he slept two or three

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into the bladder. This I did, leaving it twenty-four hours, and

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2 Where the infirmary is in the workhouse building, there is, it was

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patients — from those infirmaries altogether, whose absence

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have at times looked upon as failures, in consequence of

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JonrnnI, to which our readers may refer, should they desire-

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seilles, has employed this same solution in anesthesia of the fauces and

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controlled by quinine, and if small parasites, or the

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Windell, Dr. Roberts backing him up in the operation. The operation

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carry on respiration, and accumulations in the bronchial tubes ; or the

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An interesting series of observations on the subject of congenital rickets

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Examination of the theories advanced as to the existence of vaso-motor, trophic

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Present condition. — On the inner side of the left liga-

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pulled out through the vagina, bringing the head of the child

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in 1, while in 2 cases the cultures, both aerobic and anaerobic, were negative.

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consciousness but a slowing of mental operations, a feeling of unreal-

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But upon the basis of further clinical, pathologic, and bacteriologic

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adopted the views enunciated by Dr. Emmet, that in-

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death might quickly follow, than to draw a few ounces of blood,

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are a great increase in personnel in replacement channels, in-

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found the evidence of the energy of radiation of the emit-

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in the later or end results. It is the usual experi-

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which, in a reasonable time, was passed around the polypus by Dr.

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head of the bone was found separated from the neck and

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1920, xxiii, No. 6, p. 310), who reports in detail three cases.