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that a doctor may not be so well trained to do himself."
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As to the other old-time doctors of the city, Mr. Madden has
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different obstetricians, at which forceps can or should be used.
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On examination the abdomen is generally tender. Tem-
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ness, pricking, tingling, or formication to the most excruciating pain
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night felt verv tired ; tried to work at her needle,
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each case the surgeon must determine for himself as to
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trived as to increase its strength and durability, without impair-
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Tylosis is usually painless, and may give rise to little inconvenience,
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Radioscopy is of service, especially in the diagnosis of large calculi. Ringel
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Trempealeau-Jackson ... G. N. Hidershide, Arc'dia Henry A. Jegi, Galesville.
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ureter and pelvis fail to absorb salt solution. I had hoped to paralyze the
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