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of the fluid extract and gradually going up to as high as thirty or pos-

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of New York. Copyright 1978 by the Medical Society of the State of New York All material covered by copyright in the New York State Journal of

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erally known, to the effect that if a solution of quinin is boiled, it under-

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Professional Conduct of the State Society and to report

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cent could be traced to this cause. The laity are prone to lay

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contain a few erythrocytes, and an acidophilus, foamy material.

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23. Hillman, L. S., Goodwin, S. L., and Sherman, W. R.:

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section, or medical school shall begin at the first annual

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elected : President, L. E. Wills ; vice president, J. L. Caldwell ; secretary-

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of errors of refraction is not followed by relief the nose should be ex-

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reported that tricyclic antidepressants can potentiate the

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He put two flanges in the first pipe to keep the outside one from

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William H. Barcroft, of Coshocton, died March 17, aged 59.

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Joshua Becker, M.D., Ruth Rosenblatt, M.D., E. Kazam, M.D.,

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be covered with a Uyer of ioaked parchment paper, then with a

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condition: Nephritis, exophthalmic goiter (7), bilious af-

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book supplies what is really a great need in the English language. The

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Section 23 of which reads : "Disbursements for first aid.

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phrin is quickly destroyed. 1 If, therefore, the sympathetic

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an executive vice-president, who shall be the chief execu-

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rhythm during atrial fibrillation suggests digitalis

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composed of George Royal, Des Moines, Iowa; J. H. McClelland,

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by F. C. Waite, Professor of Histology and Embryology, Western

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elaborate report on the bacteriology of pulmonary influenza and the

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up evaluation of cases identified to date is needed to

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that part representing the self. As a part of the unconscious

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»hape; in fact, have ft l^kfn. ^ ^. """'^ '" '^^ **"' J""*"!*

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to the blood stream. Another question of interest is whether