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early from aortic incompetence, lla'moptysis is more common from mitral
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20, 1895,) calls attention to the fact that chronic coffee-poisoning is much
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from the same cause. The saliva dribbles from the mouth. The eyes
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June 27. — Gangrene of Appendix Vermifo-mis. Dr. J. M. Warren re-
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recognize cancer while it is still a local disease. It
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with the round occiput as in ordinary occipital presenta-
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It has already been mentioned that in a few cases of herpes zoster
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ended), was a thickish layer of concrete pus. On the posterior surface of the
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is a physiological experiment which proves this very perfectly.
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bridge of the nose or some distress in the nasal chamber
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dle place between amputation and exarticulation. It requires
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Alien Starr's " Brain Surgery," page 272. In these two
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fessedly failed. On the foundation of the College, Dr.
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companion of 53 years, was killed in a tragic motor
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which is usually considered negligible, was present in 13 cases. In a
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the sufferings of the patient; the skin, however, was
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hard and nodular, resembling somewhat in this respect
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tion to the free flow of the phenolsulphonephthalein to this area must
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cal examination, aside from slight systolic murmur at the
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afterwards became general ; the duration of the local stage varied from four to