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discussed by Dr Angus Macdonald in his work on Heart Disease

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Dr. Joseph D. Schoales remembered a similar ease, in a

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roentgenologist receives is 50$ to 80$ . In one of these cases

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fundus the veins will usually also exhibit marked irregularities in size where

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(b) A survey of State public health organizations and

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provinces they had no machinery for taking these examinations at all, and consequently it

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vision is frequently noticed. This is said to develop itself as a progressive

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A Typical Rat-Proof Basement. Note the Pile of Lumber Suspended Above the Floor

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The cause is most usually a biliary calculi lodged in the ductus

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a week. Three or four days afterwards, it died, in an unconscious

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tors are not responsible for the views of contributors.

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lymph-nodes along the root of the mesentery were distinctly enlarged, pinkish

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