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the bones are required to bear less and less of the
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laneerous to life. Burns and scalds may be regarded as dangerous m
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fever, scarlatina, measles, rubeola, and variola, pre-
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her condition was much improved, bowels moving regularly and the
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Second row, left to right: Mrs. H. T. Gross, Mrs. W. S. Giffin, Mrs. E. J.
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Travis, Catherine Hutchison Johns Hopkins, '03 New Britain.
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In a memoir on "Surgical Intoxications" read at the
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within certain limits the numbers introduced play no great
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Cases with acutely inflamed glands should not be dis-
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mistake. It is important to bear in mind that emphysema may mask
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so that a large bed-sore formed on the right buttock between the second and
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the forenoon — so taken up is it with school-thoughts —
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ity of resonance sometimes makes it difficult to decide
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10 and 15 j'-ears, 86 eases ; between 15 and 20 years, 46 cases ; between
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trachea before the obstruction threatens immediate death. A patient was
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epidemic thus brought about the death rate was 8 per cent.
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both in his " Remarkable Cases in Surgery" and in his lectures for many
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ethyl remains for a longer time on the breath of a patient than does that of ether
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is valuable in that it is practical, concise, of convenient size for
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of their composition, and little or none of their effects, con-
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equable temperature. In addition to this a small piece of the ointment
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recent chemical experiments, in cases of poisoning by this article, the
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of the vital properties of the tissues, and. in the case
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was used by R. P. Banergie, B.A., India. The Indian
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By W. HowsHiP Dickinson, M.D. Cantab., F.R.C.P., &c.. Physician to,