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toration may accompany cough from its commencement. At first it is

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Other causes are, injury from operation, or the passage of instruments,

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causes congestion of the liver. Habitual constipation and a sedentary

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lowed, as sometimes happens, severe diarrhcea and tympanitic distention of

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coagulation of its contents. Under this term are now included all cases

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apparatus applied over the hip is necessary, even after a considerable

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come regular ; the pains in the head and limbs pass away, the thirst disap-

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and chronic phthisis. It is claimed by some authorities that caseous

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always be regarded as an unfavorable indication. The abundance or color

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It is oftenest met with in pyaemia, ]iuerperal fever, scarlatina and (li])h-

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Movement. — A condition of perfect rest seems to be most favorable

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is indicated. Steam inhalations of hyoscyamus, conium, or stramonium

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tion. The clinical course of the case depends upon the condition of the

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by a heaving or lifting sensation. The apex is displaced to the left and

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the banks of our Western rivers, where some of the most pernicious types

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spleen and adjacent parts, the abscess may open into some adjacent organ,

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best treated with hirgc doses of iju'cacuanha ; a fuller de6erij)tioii of thi.s

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injury. Malignant strictures form a certain class, and are due to the

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multiloculiir cyst ; soinetinu'S it is unilocular. At times Huch a cyst at.

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litis, cystitis, and various urinary complications are early attendants on the

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The diagnosis is easy. The treatment is similar to that of dislocation

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regular patches of different hues. Slight extravasations of blood are

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cardiac or pulmonary disease, or venous obstruction. The urine, though

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same time. When the power of expectoration is deficient, owing to the

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ing the deafness. The respiratory tract, as a rule, is involved, the respira-

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In some cases, reduction may not be accomplished, but the skill of the

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A. A. Ao?'tic, B. B. Mitral Valves showing papilke and but fibrin from the blood is dcpOS-

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as a net-work through the tissues, making it often quite impossible

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ries of the spleen are, however, infiltrated with waxy material, massed to-

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Mild roseola is a punctate rash. The throat is red and the glands in

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in shape. All the motions of the wrist are impaired, as are also prona-

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the pleural sac. Enough cotton should be introduced to prevent its ex-

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and there may be slight febrile excitement, although constitutional symp-

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Death occurred after a steadj' rise in temperature for a week preceding.

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pyogenic infection, pyelitis, and pyonephrosis. The abscess may be

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ature ; it is always feeble. It varies greatly in frequency and force, but

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of these lesions, the joint becomes a weak point, when, because of a

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white lines in the pyramids and cortical substance, hoth in the tuTDularand