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apparatus. The second point may be admitted, and yet it
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of general infection, such as fever, neuromuscular pains, enlargement
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|D the University of his native city, and educated in the Medical School
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Carl B. Drake, M.D., Editor ; George Earl, M.D., Henry L. Ulrich, M.D., Associate Editors
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principled tampering with human life ; and even th^se, (so
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pression is, that the scarlatina poison is jirimarily in
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Aortic insufficiency : mitral insufficiency; heart well com-
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Communication between the patient or his nurse and other persons
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regard to the indications for surgical interference in the
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opportune time. It is now more than ever important to cut
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body, the fibres which project from the upper end exhibit also
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le spinous ridge projecting. The whole of the upper limb was attenu-
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rosis ; hypertension ; chronic nephritis (vascular) ; chronic infectious arthritis ;
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innocent exchange of ideas and a harmless intercourse
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sis. The employment of vaso-motor excitants, for the purpose of
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sive groups so that they may be seen in all stages of development. The
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has already been done to establish proper location of lights for desk
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results from abnormally intense conduction through the solidified lung
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alcohol to the food before its being taken not only causes no
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"responsibility" of treatment of these cases by methods
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We have much pleasure in recording our gratitude to Dr.
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monest complaint addressed to a physician, is belladon-
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apoplexy— that is, massive adrenal hemorrhagic necrosis —
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White and Differential Blood Counts on Monkeys Prostrate after Poliomyelitic
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Sovor (G.) Epiphora de I'leil gauche, cause par la pre-
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In the year 1847 a great outbreak of relapsing fever took place
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As near as we, in my opinion, are able to come to an exact diagnosis
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whenever required for replacing the uterus, and have no
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which seem to assume life but for the purpose of propagating deaf A ?" — Treatise, &c,
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then ligated with silk and removed. (In another case the common
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tion was performed. Of these, seventy-two (nearly two-thirds) recov-
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Constantinople. Under Arab sway we know very little of
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certain class of doctors. They are, however, men who could not gain
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sive groups so that they may be seen in all stages of development. The
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except that there has been a gradual decrease of bodily strength ; or the
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chest, or over the abdomen. In the former group of cases I have
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and excretory tubes, are involved in the inflammatory process.
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arthritis. We cannot tell from the term arthritis deformans
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TilK Hospitals ix WasuI-nctox. — From time to time, the public mind, natu-
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J. Raynor, asst.-surgeon, Vols. Also, the following-named aaUst-
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