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terially increased. It is very different, however, when the escape of

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All objections to vaccination, even if well founded, would have to give

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customary vigour and incisiveness with tongue and pen for the

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was accomplished by the methods formerly employed by myself and

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persisted for weeks and that heart-affections have often developed in

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partly the result of disturbances of circulation in the brain, especially

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arrest, an incipient streptococcic lymphangitis. In like manner,

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others that the causal treatment affords the best results.

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whenever the improvement seems to flag. It is very important that

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indicative of the stage of dermatitis excited in the skin by the presence

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the stomach. Such bleeding, it would seem, might properly be

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was one of good health. Digestion apparently good. The only

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epithelium. In persons who have died of diphtheria, the blood is

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Cancer of the kidney generally assumes the medullary form.

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diseases run their course at the same time without modifying eacb

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ease. These precautions consist in the most scrupulous attention to

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uterus. The cervical endometrium and the mucosa of the

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Nidus of Infection are blocked with Leucocytes and with Coagulated

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matism. Chief among these remedies are iodine and mercury. Little

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the name of vibices; and when diffuse and of irregular shape, they are

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opium given during the day, to give a full dose at night. If this treat-

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passed, and the bladder thoroughly irrigated with i per cent,

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depending upon counting different areas of the same slide. (3) Leucocytes

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the diseased hemisphere is remarkably even, that there is very little,

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together with the water and salts ; and they are reduced to the hy-

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very thin, and is usually covered with fine scales. Small white gran-

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chen to that of a dollar ; they are generally oval in shape, and in the

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must not be overlooked that the extent of the lesion and the

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by a physical drain upon the system, by severe or tedious illness, and

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altered resonance of his own voice, and he may also, for a

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be given in capsules of gelatine. If these remedies fail, we should

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tions of the kidney which arise from the diseases above named cannot